How To Start A Wellness Routine In the Office

When the employees step into their offices, they are focused on accomplishing their tasks. For 8 hours or so, they deal with work-related stress, hunger, and solving problems. Oftentimes, there is little time left mind their condition.

The health and well-being of the employees is important to the growth of the company, which is why employers must do something to ensure that their employees are in good condition. If you feel that your employees are lacking in this department, here are some simple pointers that can help them to lead a healthy lifestyle at work.

  1. Hold a wellness event per month

Having a wellness program should not be a one-time thing. Once you start it, you need to ensure that there will be follow ups to keep the interest of the employee. Since you cannot do an everyday wellness program, you can do a big monthly event for the workers. This scheduling would not interfere with their work schedules or their daily tasks. You can do a monthly marathon or organize a monthly team building that would include physical activities.

  1. Challenge the employees

One way to lead the employees to a healthy lifestyle to challenge them to do it. There are companies that are doing their own weight loss program challenge. Employees who participate in the challenge would need to reach a specific weight at the end of the contest so they can win a stellar price. You can also do the same. But before you make a wellness contest, think about a health challenge that your employees would love to partake in. You can start with a simple no-junk-food week and see who can make it through the week without munching something unhealthy.

  1. Include the upper management on the program

When you are implementing something for the employees, be sure to get the upper management involve. This would make the employees feel that the management is in solidarity with them, especially when doing such programs. Moreover, the workers would be more encouraged to participate if they see that their bosses are doing the same. Let the upper management initiate or do the programs first. Leading by example would make your subordinates follow you, especially if it concerns their health.

  1. Encourage them to eat healthy snacks

Some companies stock their pantries with sweets and other unhealthy snacks to keep them awake at work. It would be best to try the healthier alternatives. Instead of sweet treats, you can go for nuts and fruits to provide them the energy their need to do they work.