Expectations You Need To Manage If You Are First-Time Golfer

Many professional golfers say that unrealistic expectations are the golfer’s prime enemy. Not being able to manage your golfing expectations can result in bad performance and loss of confidence. In the long run, golfing will feel like a tedious active.

Golfers who are perennial participants of a Dubai golf tournament can testify how these unrealistic expectations can affect one’s performance. But they also provide a number of tips to be able to manage these expectations:

  1. Your body will hurt

Yes, you read it right. You will probably feel some soreness after a day of golfing. Some people think that golf is a very lax sports, unlike the aggressive sporting events that requires lots of movements and plays. But when you are playing golf, your whole body is also doing some hard work, especially your arms and your back. Playing this sports the wrong way can stress your back and soreness of your elbow (also known as the golfer’s elbow). It is important that you do the necessary pre-cautions when playing golf in Dubai. Be sure to do some proper stretching before you go for a swing or a set.

  1. Don’t expect to hit an ace on your first day

If you are a golf enthusiast, you are probably aware of the ace play. Every golfer aspires to get one, unfortunately, you need to be extremely talented in golf or extremely lucky to get the hole-in-one shot. Do not expect to hit one on your first day. In fact, you might get some bad shot on your first day on the course. Just try your best to make your play better and learn the ins and outs of the game.

  1. You need more practice to qualify

Although hitting an ace shot is considered as a lucky strike, some of the plays need practice and strategy to be executed. Be sure to practice your swings and shots and get to get a better score. There are tournaments that require players to reach a specific level before they qualify for a tournament. Practice not to make your play perfect, but to make it better.

  1. Not to count the good shots

If you are just starting to learn this sports, be sure not to get too hung up on the score. Trying to get the numbers can be addicting, especially for beginners. But this mindset can put too much pressure and it can also affect your play. Be sure to enjoy the game despite the score.